Testimonials from Therapists

See why therapists are in love with the Power Pumper therapeutic tools!

Hospitals And Clinics Are Discovering Many Uses For The Power Pumper®.

Our outpatient clinic purchased a lime green [this color no longer available] Power Pumper several years ago. It has been very popular with many of our children. So many of the children we see have decreased upper body strength. The Power Pumper functions like a “rowing machine” for these kids. We typically have them go down a 120′ hallway, and sometimes back again. It is a good “warmup” before handwriting and other fine motor activities. Of the variety of riding toys in our clinic (Pedalo, Krazy Kar, Scooter, Moon Car, etc.) it is the most sought after and frequently fought over riding toy!

Jodi Petry, MS, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Duke University Health Systems

I am the Manager for Therapy Services in Portland, Oregon. I use the Power Pumper as a physical therapy tool for my special needs kids. The hardest thing about treating kids is making it fun. Coming to therapy can be painful, they do not always want to come. However, if you can make it fun they will get a lot more out of it. Especially if you can make them do the exercises you want them to do and they do not realize they are doing them, everyone has success! With the Power Pumper kids get a great workout and have fun. There is also not a big learning curve, you show them once and they’ve got it.”

Jeanette Filpi
Physical Therapist
Portland, OR

Therapists see the Power Pumper as something that is not difficult to ride. Kids can do this by themselves. Riding the Power Pumper is really a simple motion and you can get a lot of movement from it. Because you use both sides of the body together, it helps the brains ability to tell the body how to work together as a team. This has been a great product for our office, kids love it!”

Melissa Harrington
Neuro Therapeutics Inc.
Oregon City, OR

Our therapists have been using the Power Pumper in treatment for a year now. Although virtually all the children enjoy the Power Pumper, those with low tone or decreased muscle strength benefit most from it. They are able to independently propel a vehicle for the first time! They can keep up with their peers on tricycles, bicycles and Big Wheels – methods of locomotion which require motor control and coordination beyond their capabilities. As they zoom around the track they are developing increased muscle strength, endurance, proprioceptive feedback, and shoulder girdle stability… and they thought they were just having fun!

Bert Richards, PTA
Abilities Center
Walled Lake, Michigan

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