Testimonials from Physiatrists

A Physiatrist’s Opinion of The Power Pumper

Occupational Therapist at a children’s hospital in the Pacific Northwest, dated May 10, 2004.

I am writing in regards to your product, the Power Pumper. Our pediatric rehabilitation department has used this piece of equipment almost every day in therapy for over two years. It is by far the most popular of our propelled equipment (we have 10-15 items including: scooters, standard bikes and trikes, the Roller Racer, the Pedalo, etc.). When given a choice, our patients most often choose the Power Pumper.

The therapeutic benefits of this piece of equipment have been amazing! It is beneficial for children with a variety of disabilities such as cerebral palsy, brain injuries, hemiplegia, brachial plexus injuries, autism, general weakness, and many others. The Power Pumper improves strength, coordination, bilateral integration, vestibular (movement) processing, proprioceptive (heavy input to muscles and joints) processing, body awareness, and directionality. Compared to a regular bicycle, the Power Pumper focuses more on upper body strength, rather than lower body.

Additionally, it provides enough stability for those children with balance dysfunction to allow independence that is not achieved with other wheeled equipment. For many of our children, riding the Power Pumper increased their self-confidence; since this is the first time they were able to ride a “bike” independently. Many of our speech language pathologists also use this equipment to work on receptive and expressive language skills (“stop”, “go”, “turn left”, etc.)

Our therapists frequently recommend that parents purchase the Power Pumper for home use.

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