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Our Mission

Columbia-Inland Corporation is dedicated to providing fun and uniquely powered mobility devices that lead to better health.

Our Values

The members of the Columbia-Inland team hold each of the following values in high esteem. By holding these core values, our organization strives for continuous improvement and growth, as a means to connect with more patients each year without ever sacrificing our commitment to excellence.

Every child deserves a chance.

We are committed to working with children whose mobility is challenged by a wide range of 29 special needs. We designed the Power Pumper so it is easy for children to use as they grow stronger and more coordinated. The kids have fun, and their parents and therapists get to see real results — everybody wins!

Integrity and consistency are essential.

We do not use cheap materials to make a quick buck. Power Pumpers are designed to be durable and safe for riders, to absorb the wear and tear of regular use over many years.

 The winner of an Industrial Design Excellence Award, the Power Pumper meets or exceeds each of the following safety standards:

  • United States ASTM F963-96a
  • European EN-71
  • Canadian CRC 931

Cost management matters.

We know the cost of special needs resources leave some parents in a very difficult financial situation. Our prices are set when we look into our hearts, not at our cash flows. Medical grants and private investments are financially planned within our company to make the best use of every penny. This prevents operating costs from getting out of control, which means savings in our business process that we pass along to our customers all over the nation.


A Message from our CEO

Since 1996, Columbia-Inland Corporation has been committed to designing, producing and marketing quality mobility devices that enhance people lives. The Power Pumper® has become a popular therapeutic mobility device among therapists, educators, children and parents. The success of the Power Pumper® has strengthened our dedication to provide other innovative mobility devices that deliver the same high standards and produce the same results as the Power Pumper®.

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