Pumper Car

The ride that emPowers kids of ALL abilities!

Pumper Car

The ride that emPOWERs kids of ALL abilities!

Exercise Therapy for Children – Perfect for Special Needs

Riding the Power Pumper is Achieving Mobility and Having Fun!

Every child deserves the chance for growth. Mobility can be difficult to achieve for children with special needs, even after years of rigorous therapy. The Power Pumper is here to change the way children achieve mobility. These cycles are built for safety and efficiency. While children are simply enjoying a nifty, exciting new toy, parents are amazed at the continuous improvement of motor skills, coordination, balance and more.

Power Pumpers are Exercise Therapy for Children!

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A unique mobility device for children ages three to five (3-5) with therapeutic or health related needs.

Power Pumpers provide special needs exercise therapy that is fun!

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The Power Pumper® is an innovative, award-winning, therapeutic mobility device for children ages 5 to 12.

Special Needs Require Special Attention!

The Power Pumper & Power Pumper Jr. started off as toys, but have quickly become the most touted medical physical exercise and rehabilitation devices available.  See for yourself the extensive list of 29 special needs our models help with… Then read the stories of the lives that have been touched…

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Educators everywhere love how our amazing toys keep kids entertained and build physical fitness, click here to read more information specific to you.


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We never believed our toys would be prescribed by doctors, but they have never seen a device work this well.  Read more information specific to doctors.

The Time is Now!

The Power Pumper and Power Pumper Jr. assist with over 29 types of special needs, get the kids invigorated now!

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Read testimonials from people of all walks of life who have found the Power Pumper & Power Pumper Jr. to be life changing for children.

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